Art Playground Cheltenham: Business Start Up

The thrills and spills of a social enterprise start up

About me

My face. So you know who I am.

My face. So you know who I am.

I thought it would be useful to give a bit of background about me, so you can see who I am, why I am doing this and so I seem less like some random.

If you’re considering getting involved in the Art Playground project in some way, this is also hopefully a reassurance that I have picked something that I am confident I can make work.

I have a bit of an obsessive love for:

installation art, car boot sales, spreadsheets, site specific theatre, procedures, recycled art, staff management, proper nutritious home made food, working with volunteers, health and safety, whole family activities, aerobics, effective marketing and branding, good design and social justice.

I work best:

to a deadline, under pressure, leading a team and with a creative purpose.

I have worked:

  • In marketing and audience development at Parabola Arts Centre, Royal Lyceum Theatre and The Garage
  • Budgeting, managing health & safety and implementing procedures at Cheltenham Festivals and Parabola Arts Centre
  • Managing staff and volunteers and delivering training at Cheltenham Festivals and for Arts Award
  • Fundraising and generating income at The Garage and Parabola Arts Centre
  • Creating partnerships with artists, local authorities, schools and voluntary organisations throughout my career 

I am a creative, committed, efficient and capable arts manager with a long track record of successfully managing projects, venues and people.

I want to build an Art Playground and I’d love to work with you to do it.

One thought on “About me

  1. Hello Christine,
    Hope all is well, sounds like a really interesting project and something that I would very much love to be involved in.
    I cannot find an email address for you anywhere to forward you my work, so I am instead going to leave you mine.
    All the best, Jenny 🙂

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