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Spring cleaning (and planning)

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Happy January from Art Playground!

If you’ve wandered past The Brewery recently you may have noticed that our window display has all but gone. After the initial post-workshops-crash-out-and-sleep-for-Christmas, I’ve been packing up, sorting out and generally dismantling. Thanks to my very tolerant family and friends who drove carloads of stuff around, let me turn the spare room into a craft store and waited patiently to have their furniture returned to them.

Here’s Jamie sweeping up tinsel and twigs.
(What looks like a dead bird on the floor is actually a dustpan brush. Animal lovers, do not panic.)
Jamie sweeping up in The Brewery, Cheltenham. Clearing up after Art Playground workshops.

We’re currently planning for some February Half Term workshops and hopefully will be making a new window display very soon. I’m just instagramming some twigs and buttons and then all will be revealed. Not that I have an obsession with using twigs in art projects. Or I may have. A tiny bit. A lot. I love twigs. Don’t judge me.

Christina x


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