Art Playground Cheltenham: Business Start Up

The thrills and spills of a social enterprise start up

Day 2 of officially being a social entrepreneur

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I found a good site for getting stock images free and out of interest searched for entrepreneur, to see what I should look like. This image came up and is called “Thoughtful Business Lady Seated in Office.” I wonder if she is thoughtful about why she was required to wear a wig for the photo.

"Image courtesy of stockimages /"

“Image courtesy of stockimages /”

I came across this awesome project on Kickstarter (gallery in rural wales), courtesy of a lovely friend and backed it. I am planning to do a Kickstarter as part of the funding for the Art Playground so have been looking through some of the great projects on there.

Also, I think it’s very likely I am late to the party but have also just discovered Pixlr for free online photo editing. It’s amazing. Below is a little collage I made to depict the modern social entrepreneur lifestyle.




image of laptop screen, wall planner, business cards and sculpture of books.


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