Art Playground Cheltenham: Business Start Up

The thrills and spills of a social enterprise start up

More serious research: the adventure maze.

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One of the terrible downsides of this whole project is that I am compelled to visit adventure playgrounds, mazes, galleries, museums and play about as much as possible, as part of the stage of research known as market analysis.

Whilst visiting Elton Farm adventure maze  this weekend I conducted a detailed SWOT analysis of the competition, whilst negotiating the water sprays, spider’s web and gibbon swings. It’s tough at the top.

Christina, Matt and Katy balancing on wooden stepping stones.

At this point Matt was pretending to be a caring boyfriend and helping Katy to balance.

Matt hides behind Katy to avoid the water spray

Matt shows his true colours, using Katy as a human shield to avoid the water spray.

Christina, Matt and Jamie on the trapeze swings

The boys battle it out on the trapeze swings.

Christina crawling through blue cargo net

Once in the Hamster Crawl, there’s not really an option to give up, despite having lost both shoes by this stage.

Christina in a spider web obstacle

I am Spiderman. Sort of.

Christina crawling along a wooden tunnel.

Crawling to the slide in the climbing tower.


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