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To business card or not to business card…


I am dilemma-ing over business cards. At the moment when I am meeting people to talk about the art playground, I don’t have anything official to give them. I’m planning to make a business to business flyer, almost a 1 page business plan, so that they can see what I’m rambling on about, have some contact details and it makes me seem a bit more legit. In the meantime, I have drafted some free (apart from about £4 p&p) business cards from vistaprint. Even though the cheapest p&p option says up to 14 days, in my experience they arrive within 3 or 4 days anyway.

The dilemma is, get some business cards with a gmail email address on and without art playground branding (as it’s still tbc) or wait until I have a proper christina@artplayground email address and branding and in the meantime continue scribbling on bits of notepaper as I meet people. The OCD lover of clear branding in me is resisting the vistaprint cards, but they are free. I also judge businesses that have a gmail or yahoo as their official business email, but then most people are not as judgemental about stupid things as I am, so it probably doesn’t matter in the real world. I should probably just get over it and order them.



2 thoughts on “To business card or not to business card…

  1. I understand your dilemma and I reckon it’s OK to have a few prototype business cards when your business is new. After all, it’s the idea behind what you provide, and your personal charisma, that influences whether people do business with you. When I started VibrantKate I made my own business cards on MS Publisher and they had cute furry edges from my blunt paper slicer. I experimented with a few different designs as my branding took a while to settle in and I liked that freedom. Once I knew what I wanted I designed the cards and had them professionally printed. I also had postcards made as giant business cards in case people found it easier to read large print.

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