Art Playground Cheltenham: Business Start Up

The thrills and spills of a social enterprise start up

Start up basics


So I have now been planning, thinking and dreaming (literally) about this for just over 2 months and because I am a generally impatient person I have done as much as I can whilst still working full time. In a week and a bit I have the brilliant opportunity to start a new job at 4 days a week, giving me a day a week to dedicate to the art playground start up.

So a little round up of things I have done so far, in case any of it is useful. Initially I just wasn’t sure where to start, what to do first, whether it was even possible. Gloucestershire Enterprise  have been really helpful and the staff I spoke to about courses were really friendly, which, when it’s your first foray into saying out loud what you’re planning to do, is very important.

I decided to go on as many start up workshops and courses as I can:

1. Enterprise Club with Gloucestershire Enterprise (new notebook in hand, very overexcited, was definitely worth it) is a 1 day overview of setting up as self employed, writing a business plan and legalities. Great trainer, with guest speakers from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and Nat West. Most of the HMRC stuff wasn’t too relevant as I will be employing myself through the business rather than being self employed, but still useful. The bank guy was sweet but vague so I asked him lots of questions and actually bank loans could be a possibility, which I had written off. (though I would have to guarantee it somehow because of the not for profit structure I am going for).

2. Social Enterprise Works in Bristol do a half day workshop on setting up a social enterprise. It’s a general intro- mostly about what a social enterprise is and the different structures you can operate under but I came away with some useful possibilities to investigate for funding and also confirmed that I will be setting up as a Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee (as that way I will be eligible to apply for some funders and trusts e.g. Big Lottery). They also do cheap company incorporation and offer relatively low cost mentoring and help with other stuff. Plus I met a lovely lady called Jackie who is setting up a programme of cookery classes for people on low budgets. It was nice to meet other people at a similar stage in the process.

3. Next week I am going on a 2 day business start up course, again run by Glos Enterprise but in more detail and currently free as they have adult ed funding. There’s also Barclay’s Ready for Business and Cheltenham Borough Council do a Monday afternoon surgery for business start ups so I will go along to that too when I have more of a business plan.

4. John Price is a lovely, helpful accountant who specialises in not for profits and is very patient with non-accountancy people and so a chat with him was most helpful and I now know I will need to file my tax return, companies house return and CIC return and what I need to do/ keep for him to be able to do my accounts each year.

5. Gloucestershire University has launched an Enterprise hub and as part of that they have a series of workshops etc so I’m putting those in my diary. (need to buy one. Is anywhere still selling 2013 diaries?)

Other things I have done so far:

  • Bagged artplaygroundcheltenham (or variations of) on facebook, twitter, gmail. Need to do pinterest, instagram and domain names.
  • Planned an outline of website structure (I am very judgemental about organisations without a website, or ones with a lame website. If you don’t have a good online presence you might as well give up now I reckon.)
  • Done a start up budget and cash flow forecast (thank you Enterprise Club handouts) to see if it’s actually possible (I think it might be)
  • Researched, pinned on pinterest, emailed to myself and made lists of social enterprise networks and organisations, artists that design playgrounds, blogs about playgrounds, indoor play centres and family visitor attractions, kickstarter and other crowd funding projects that are vaguely similar, business start up sites, facebook pages for business stuff, commercial property websites, got obsessed with the SHLAA 2013 for Cheltenham (Strategic Housing and Land Availability Assessment) and Planning Applications archive on the council website, which give addresses and sometimes contact details for lots of empty buildings that I have been pressing my nose against the windows of. Also downloaded and am working my way through a few different social enterprise start up documents like this. and also this one.
  • Made a list of things I missed in my budget first time round, including fire extinguishers and annual checking, cleaning, sanitary bin and disposal, (oh the glamour of the entrepreneur world), uniforms, a safe and payroll service. (Highly recommended to me by knowledgeable business types, to avoid any problems with inland revenue etc and much cheaper than you think. I emailed Dataplan and Sandra for quotes and it works out about £5ish per employee per month.
  • Spent a lot of time casually walking past cafes and counting numbers of customers to try and work out a sensible expected number to budget from. Anything I find online about this basically says “how long is a piece of string?” Resorted to harassing a woman trying to close her cafe for the day, to ask her what her average number of customers is and was reassured when I suggested 15 or 20 and she said they had more than that in the first hour. I know it depends on a lot of factors, but at least it’s possible.

so that’s it so far. Posts should be shorter and less rambly from now on.



2 thoughts on “Start up basics

  1. Really,really proud of your energy, creativity, and intelligence. Anna x

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